Aims And Targets

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” — B.B. King


Our Aims

At RISE Education, we  provide our students with an alternative learning environment that supports their needs, while providing an innovative and diverse learning environment and curriculum. This allows us to enable our students to recognise the importance of education and achievement in their future, take an active role in their learning and development of their social skills, allowing them to progress and gain qualifications and experience.

Our Targets

Short- & medium-term placements
Measurable improvement in all subjects undertaken by at least 1 level. Measured via formative & summative assessment and baseline data obtained from schools.

Long term placements
Improvement in all subjects undertaken by at least 2 levels, for those not in examination years.
Improvement in predicted outcome by at least 1 grade, for those taking external qualifications.

Soft Outcomes*
Positive improvement in students’ attitudes towards education.
Positive improvement in students’ level of discipline and acceptance of authority.
Positive improvement in students’ confidence levels, and self-esteem.
*Measured through evaluation form to students, parents and staff


Achievement target set


  • We are inspected by: Ofsted,
    London Boroughs of Croydon, Merton & Wandsworth.
  • We are academically focused with an emphasis on achieving level 2 qualifications.
  • We effective monitoring and follow-up student attendance and punctuality on a daily basis.
  • We provide regular feedback to ‘Home’ school and parents on student progress via weekly reports.
  • We have an effective mentoring and counselling programme to deal with challenging behaviour.
  • We have a robust quality assurance system that tracks and measures outcomes
  • We offer a free parent empowerment programme (added value).

Quality assured on 7th January 2022

Ofsted Inspection

April 2015 Click for full report
Leadership and management - Good
Behaviour and safety - Good
Quality of teaching - Good
Achievement of pupils - Good

Approved by Local Authorities

Joint Local Authority Inspection:
London Boroughs of Croydon,
Merton & Wandsworth

June 2015, rated “Good” in all areas with
“Outstanding” in behaviour and safety

DfE Registered

No. 315/6589
April 2011, awarded Independent School status