BizTech Virtual Conference 2021

Each day of the conference starts at around 9:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm Central / Jamaica time.

This year’s schedule is currently being finalized, however, we suggest you highlight Nov 10-12, 2021 on your calendar today so that you can gain the full experience.

Here is the draft schedule for the Presentations as of November 10th.

Event Schedule

  • Day 1: Innovation in Action
  1. Trends in technology locally and globally; how the Caribbean can take advantage of these trends today. This spans all industries. 
  2. Entrepreneurs & SMEs – their contribution to innovation and how to bridge that with large corporations
  • Day 2: Transformation & Disruption
  1. Digital transformation essentials. How is this being managed in the public and private sector? 
  2. Technology, cost, culture, workforce and leadership during transformation
  3. Hot topics include: cybersecurity, digital literacy, privacy and the changing organization 
  • Day 3: FinTech Friday
  1. Investing, eCommerce and financial technology. 
  2. Focus on requirements for tech investment readiness
  3. Success stories; challenges we face as a region; what’s currently available that people need to know about
  4. MSME funding for tech; fundraising for nonprofits

Get Ready

3 days. 3 experiences. 1 revolutionary event. This is #BizTech2021








Contact Information

For more information on attending, speaking and sponsoring, please email at or call us at
See you at BizTech 2021!

See you at BizTech 2021!